Below are our most common FAQs.  We encourage our existing and prospective clients to contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions.

Who do I contact for your company's Tax Employer Identification Number (EIN) or copies of insurance certificates?

Email with your request.

Do you subcontract painting work?

No.  In order to help ensure quality, all painting work is performed by employees we hire and train.  From time to time, we may subcontract non-painting work to other trades (e.g. stucco).

In addition to core painting services, what other professional services do you offer?

Painting Specification Advisory Services: advising Architects and Developers in drafting paint specs for a multitude of project types

Painting Proposal Evaluation: assisting those who are 'buying' painting services in assessing & understanding proposals, helping to identify key questions to ask, and considerations to keep in mind.

Project Management & Contract Compliance: project plan formulation, status tracking and reporting, daily owner reporting, compliance with painting contract compliance, etc.

Emergency Painting Services: 24/7 service aimed at addressing situations requiring immediate attention outside of normal business hours.

Do you repair stucco & drywall?

Yes.  However, depending on the extent of the repair work, it may be necessary to hire a stucco or drywall contractor; we will let you know whether the repair work is better served by another contractor.

Do you unplug water connections and move appliances prior to, and after, painting?

We will - at the owner's request - unplug appliances from water connections and move them to facilitate painting.  However, the owner will have to hire a plumber to re-connect and verify a proper seal and no leaks are present.